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A 5-Day Crash Course to Help VIC Homeowners Harness the Sun’s Power and Cut Energy Bills

This guide debunks the myths that kept me on the fence about solar. It's a must-read!

As solar industry professionals with over a decade of experience, we've helped countless homeowners navigate solar energy. Learn how solar can save you money.

What you will get

  • Five detailed daily lessons

  • Debunk common solar myths

  • Understand VIC-specific solar incentives

  • Learn about the importance of system sizing

After following this guide, I felt equipped to make the best solar decisions!

SSA The-Solar Homeowners Guide

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Day #1. Is solar REALLY too expensive?

Day #2. Does solar work in VIC weather?

Day #3. Off-grid: dream or reality?

Day #4. Are solar credits a rip-off?

Day #5. The right system size = max savings

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